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Dublin 2010 by Fralja3 Dublin 2010 :iconfralja3:Fralja3 0 0 Natural Finish by Fralja3 Natural Finish :iconfralja3:Fralja3 5 0 Temporal Landscape by Fralja3 Temporal Landscape :iconfralja3:Fralja3 1 0 Summer's Here by Fralja3 Summer's Here :iconfralja3:Fralja3 0 0 After The Fire by Fralja3 After The Fire :iconfralja3:Fralja3 1 0 Dog Days by Fralja3 Dog Days :iconfralja3:Fralja3 2 0 Reflections by Fralja3 Reflections :iconfralja3:Fralja3 1 0 Dream Time by Fralja3 Dream Time :iconfralja3:Fralja3 1 0 Guardian by Fralja3 Guardian :iconfralja3:Fralja3 0 0 Grey and Gold by Fralja3 Grey and Gold :iconfralja3:Fralja3 0 2 Bolt Hole by Fralja3 Bolt Hole :iconfralja3:Fralja3 1 0 Naked Bike by Fralja3 Naked Bike :iconfralja3:Fralja3 3 2 Snow Plough by Fralja3 Snow Plough :iconfralja3:Fralja3 1 0 Killing Fields by Fralja3 Killing Fields :iconfralja3:Fralja3 2 3 Hot House by Fralja3 Hot House :iconfralja3:Fralja3 1 0 Rust Never Sleeps by Fralja3 Rust Never Sleeps :iconfralja3:Fralja3 1 0


Where we were by BBKatsu1 Where we were :iconbbkatsu1:BBKatsu1 7 4 Bikers by BBKatsu1 Bikers :iconbbkatsu1:BBKatsu1 4 1
I found your mother by the side of the road yesterday.
Took her home.
I knew I could never hope to heal the broken hearts of broken homes, so she came with me.
I took her to the roses in Vienna. To the Hong Kong skies. To birds which fly forever in twisting turning tales before you were born.
I took her to see the dreams of Babylon.
You said goodbye in Berlin.
I found her there in the airport. High winter, among the stars.
She was waiting, under the all the wars and bricks and walls.
I found her sleeping with her eyes open. So I took her home.
:iconbbkatsu1:BBKatsu1 8 5
And after all we've been through
It's all we've left to give
Lying on the floor, we make it so much more
So much more
It's all in my head
They say it's all in my head
We'll paint a line of bleeding red
Beneath the words we never said
Down every single time we thread
And every time we tread
Remember now the lights we shone
And turning back, the sun is gone
With shading eyes we look for day
Among the fields we've come to lay
It's all in my head
They say it's all in my head
And we'll let this last for ever cause it's all that we have left
And we'll never make it home for the rest
And all your tomorrows start here ~
:iconbbkatsu1:BBKatsu1 3 3
The end of something by BBKatsu1 The end of something :iconbbkatsu1:BBKatsu1 3 6 In remembrance by BBKatsu1 In remembrance :iconbbkatsu1:BBKatsu1 10 6
For never and ever
Shadows dance along the path
That leads us all to day
Following the sinking stars
With nothing left to say
Count the tears come falling
From the moons we're meant to keep
And watch the shadows of the clouds
Till the sun goes off to sleep
The cracks in clouds break into one
With every gasping breath
Following the setting sun
There's nothing really left
We'd never search forever
And now one day we'll decide
That we're looking on together
With nothing left behind
:iconbbkatsu1:BBKatsu1 3 13
Remembering a Promise
Laughing flying spinning swimming through the summer sky
Summer light thinning morning running from the night
Escaping from the promises that hold us in our time
Will you remember me now when summer comes again to shine
Now the leaves are falling faster summer at an end
Happily ever after try again to mend
Deep beneath the surface broken glass is creeping in
As you look into the morning light remember me again
Flying dying chasing fleeting shadows from the sun
Falling ever faster now the battle never won
Together through the summer skies we're burning down as one
We'll wish we could do something more together as we run
Remembering a promise as you took me by the hand
You led me through the shining lights a distant magic land
You lit me up under the stars together as we lay
A bed of clouds a golden gate remember me one day
:iconbbkatsu1:BBKatsu1 3 16
Sledgehammer by Alexeagle0 Sledgehammer :iconalexeagle0:Alexeagle0 3 11 South Bank by Alexeagle0 South Bank :iconalexeagle0:Alexeagle0 4 2
A figure standing all alone
Through the rain and all been shown
Nothing said and nothing known
Make the cold December home
A figure standing in the cold
Reminiscent times of old
Glass in breaking all been told
Shattered by December gold
And the rain was pouring down
Turn to dust and hit the ground
All you know that comes your way
Swallowed in December days
Folded up into a mask
Words been spoken coming fast
Stare the dark but all to see
Reflected back and drowned at sea
Fallen down beneath the waves
Come up in a thousand days
See the sun and rise in flames
Swallowed in December rains
And the rain was pouring down
Turn to dust and hit the ground
All you know that comes your way
Swallowed in December days
See the dark side of the sun
Nothing known and nothing done
Frozen through the summer rain
Till December come again
Always learned the hardest way
Night is fading turn to day
Thinking of a place called home
Swallowed in December snow
Rain is falling faster now
Dust is forming all around
:iconbbkatsu1:BBKatsu1 7 68
Life's a Jigsaw by Alexeagle0 Life's a Jigsaw :iconalexeagle0:Alexeagle0 6 10 Proud by BBKatsu1 Proud :iconbbkatsu1:BBKatsu1 3 14 Life on Mars by BBKatsu1 Life on Mars :iconbbkatsu1:BBKatsu1 6 6
Pigs that fly
Down the empty road, never thought that
I'd be the one alone
Lying in the grass, always seems I'm
Trapped on the other side of glass
Nothing here to see, last line finished and you're
Left staring straight at me, in the moonlight
Nothing left to say, close your eyes and pray
You're still here by day
As I'm looking to the sky
Falling down the path to night
I know I'll wait my time
As I watch for pigs that fly
Try to break through, run from my prison
But I'm left behind by you
Covered up by frost, always greener when there's
Nothing to be lost
As I'm looking to the sky
Falling down the path to night
I know I'll wait my time
As I watch for pigs that fly
An empty boat, I missed my ride
Falling down with rising tide
Thinking sinking out of time
I've driven past the final line
As I look to the sky
I've fallen down the road to night
I've waited all my time
And still the pigs won't fly
:iconbbkatsu1:BBKatsu1 2 15
Don't Touch by Alexeagle0 Don't Touch :iconalexeagle0:Alexeagle0 11 12



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